Everything nice

In the comments of Friday's post, Jaycee said:

"When I read comments about how difficult or challenging or frustrating or tiring it is having young children, I feel sad and angry. This is not a judgement. I know I should probably stop reading, but I'm always hoping to read about the joy and bliss and pride and utter euphoria of being a parent. I feel so lucky."

Yeah, I feel sad and angry, too. I wish it was easier for all of us! It seems so unfair and isolating and cruel that we find ourselves in these difficult places, and feel like we're in the bottom of a canyon with no way to climb out (or even knowing we can climb out but it'll be a long hard trip).

I know I appreciate the great moments more because things haven't been perfect and blissful all the time. But I also feel a responsibility to other parents to be honest about how it sucks, sometimes a lot, and how it is also unbelievably wonderful, sometimes a lot.

So, since we shared signposts and frustrations Friday, how about sharing signposts and delights today?

I'll start:

My older son crawled in with me on Sunday morning and we had a discussion about computer hackers, how I'd let him live with me even if he became a computer hacker, our cats, the role of cats in ancient Egypt, and the current challenge he's working on in one of his video games.

Last night my little one crawled on the couch with me and snuggled for a full half hour before getting up and running off. And recently he likes to sing everything he says. Mostly to the tune of The Imperial March from "Star Wars."

What made you thrilled about being a parent recently?