Back to everything

My ankle wasn't getting any better, so I went to the doctor. Diagnosis: Severe tendonitis. I'll be in an air cast taking anti-inflammatories, megadoses of fish oil, and ibuprofen for the next few weeks.

My morning was actually slightly easier than it usually is. The kids got up and got dressed and ate breakfast and put their shoes on and we left with less fuss than usual. I suspect, however, that that's because they were worried about my ankle and went into caregiver mode to make sure I could get down into the subway ok.

But I'm guessing some of you had some problems getting back into the routine this morning. Which makes me think that we should be sharing tips, because some of us have surely discovered things that could make it easier for everyone else.

My best leaving-the-house tip is actually a packing-lunch tip: I discovered that my younger son loves nori (the dried sheets of seaweed) and thinks it's a huge treat because it's crunchy and a little salty. So I've started packing nori as the vegetable in his lunch. Since it's dried, I can stockpile it and never run out, plus it's flat, and two sheets is a serving of vegetables.

What do you do that gets you up and out more easily?