Snow days and all their complications

I really hope everyone in Australia is safe.

Those of us in the US and Canada seem to have been having a lot of snow lately.

I called a snow day for my kids today, despite the fact that the mayor kept the schools open. I could only do that because I was able to work from home today, and let the kids watch a lot of tv and whack each other with lightsabers while I work and lock myself in the bathroom when I need to talk to clients.

How the heck do we work this out? Individually and collectively?

What do you do if school is cancelled but you still have to be at work?

What do you do if school is NOT cancelled but in your judgment it's too dangerous to take the kids in, but you need to work?

I ride the same train to take my kids to school that people were stuck on for 10 hours when the blizzard hit after Christmas. I just couldn't imagine putting my kids on that train, not knowing how or if it would run.

Do you have options? How do you get your kids to school or daycare? Do you have a back-up plan?