Disaster preparedness

Q&A preempted by the Japanese earthquake/tsunami.

I saw the news and was watching it with my kids this morning, and realized that I have a plan in my head of what I'd do, but that's it--no coordination with my kids' dad, or anything concrete. So I emailed my friend Catherine at BlackUmbrella.com (they help families create disaster preparedness plans) and asked her what the top few things she'd say to families about making a plan are. Here's what she said:

"1.  This demonstrates the importance of family meeting places!  We have "home base" plus three places: near home, FAR from home, and something along the way.

2.  Everyone having the names and numbers of the family crisis management team on them at all times is crucial.  

3.  I carry an IronKey thumb drive with me at all times with copies of all of our insurance policies, wills, and identification.  It's with me right now at breakfast. It may seem silly but you never know when that emergency will strike.

4. Black umbrella clients have a "family marshal.". The other family members have to listen to that person.  Doing so in a situation like this one is what helps people get out of the building and get to safety."

I the past, when Catherine and I have talked about preparing, she's emphasized that it's not just about putting together a "go bag," because what if your bag is at home and you're at work? It's really about being able to find each other. Flow of information, not stuff.

What do you want/need to say about the earthquake and/or disaster preparedness?