The new carseat guidelines

Can we talk about the new carseat guidelines in the US? The AAP just recommended keeping kids rear-facing until age 2. Before this, it was common for people to turn their kids front-facing at age 1, but the new guideline says rear-facing until age 2 is far safer.

Here's a link to the whole story.

Before we start talking about it, let's just go under the asuumption that OF COURSE all of us want to do what's safest for our kids.

Those of you in countries in which you've been keeping kids rear-facing for longer already, please weigh in on how the experience has worked for you.

My older son was always very big for his age (99th %ile for both height and weight). I'm not sure that when he was 2 there was a rear-facing careseat that he would physically have fit into. What would we have done?

I'm also dreading having to keep my younger one in a booster for years and years until he hits the 85 pound weight limit, which could be a long time for his lanky self.

Just logistically, this is going to be tough for some parents with kids who are at the extremes of size.

What is your car seat/booster seat experience?