Nursing: It Gets Better

I've had some requests to do an It Gets Better post about breastfeeding. Anyone want to share?

I'll start:

I had plenty of milk, but problems positioning (bad nursing pillow that let my son's head roll down so the latch got twisted). I had a ton of soreness and totally wanted to stop. My mom convinced me to try a different nursing pillow that strapped to me, and within about two days the pain was mostly gone. I still didn't think I could make it because it was just not even remotely fun. Cluster nursing and growth spurts were bad. I had oversupply that caused him to fall asleep after 10 minutes of nursing and then want to nurse an hour later, all day long.

But I just kept waking up and shoving it in his mouth when he cried, and one day it didn't seem so horrible, and a little while later it was actually ok. And now he's 9 and can get his own drinks. I never really did feel that blissed out loving it thing some women report.

Now you, please!