Love and allergies

Tonight, 9 pm Eastern--last night of the three-part Life Keys series with Sharon Silver and me. Tonight we're talking about Love. One of us is more positive about love than the other is! It's probably not hard to guess which of us is which. So call in (sign-up info here if you're just jumping in now) and listen to my sniffly voice.

On that note, I thought it was allergies, then I thought it was a sinus infection, but now I think maybe it's allergies. At any rate, it's kicking my butt. Plus I have more on my plate than I usually do. And I read an unusually thoughtful book and am having a hard time formulating a review for it. In the meatime, how do those of you with allergies function enough to get your kids up and where they're supposed to be in the morning? It feels like slogging through oatmeal every morning.