Monday musings

That makes it sound so dramatic, when what this really is is just a miscellaneous post:

1) Yesterday my ex-husband called from where he'd taken the kids for Father's Day and said, "You need to read this article in the NY Times about how divorced moms are no longer cool. " You can imagine my reaction to that. So I wrote a response to the article, and it's up on the co-parenting blog.

2) I...don't...know...if I can...make it...through...the last week...of school... Why is NYC public in school so blasted long every year? Anyone else still suffering through it, too?

3) The company I work for is running a Summer Challenge for kids in grades 3-8 to stop summer slide by playing our math and literacy video games for a chance to win prizes. (Parents know that the playing is the point to practice skills, but kids think the competition is the point.) It's free to play, free to win, all free.

Go to and sign your child up (or have them do it) as a student. During the sign-up process they'll need to put in your email, and you'll get an email asking to give permission for them to play. Click through the link in that email to give them permission to play, then download the game to your computer, and then every time they log in to the game and play they're practicing grade-level appropriate skills and earning points for a chance to win prizes. Play ends August 7.

3a) If your child is age 4 through grade 2, check out Dreambox Learning, which makes delightful, very smartly-designed math video games for kids too young to play a multiplayer game like ours.

4) Who's got a link to summer reading lists or online summer reading clubs for me? (If you put the "http://" part in the link it'll hyperlink in the comments.)