Primal Scream Friday

Primal Scream Friday. Here are the usual rules:

1. Post what's bugging you, big or small. No misery poker.

2. Offer sympathy to someone else if you have it in you. (And if you know anything that could help them in their situation, share!)

3. If you need to be anonymous, put a fake URL in the "URL" field. ( is always a good one.)

I'll start:

  • This city is making me angry, brittle, and panicky.
  • I can't talk about anything else that's stressing me out because it all goes back to the negotiations LOD and I are having about a big life change. (We're writing about the gruesome negotiation process on the co-parenting blog.)
  • I'm a tension increaser, so I can't even cry to make myself feel better.

Now you.