Thanks and Teeth

Thank you all so so much for your well-wishes! I haven't had a chance to read them because I've been cleaning out my desk at work (sadness--I'm still working for the company but won't be able to harass all my workmates face to face anymore), spending hours at the airport waiting for a flight (third time in a row I could have driven to my parents' more quickly than it took to fly there), looking at houses (love my realtor), going to class (Marketing, Econ, and Statistics last weekend), making friends with my classmates, looking at more houses, getting locked out of my mom's house because I forgot the key, and fighting with Verizon Wireless. BUT. I got 8 hours of sleep last night, so apparently my stress insomnia from the whole negotiation process is done. Awesome.

So today I'll read all your comments, and see if I can put together the meet-ups Sharon Silver tells me you guys are suggesting. (Send Sharon some love, please--she's packing up an entire house, not just an apartment!)

In the meantime, S is a dad of twins (fraternal) who just turned four months old. One of them just cut a tooth, but the other is showing no signs of any teeth. S is wondering what's "normal" for cutting teeth. I said that for the first tooth pretty much anything before 18 months is "normal," but average seems to be 4-8 months for the first one.

I thought maybe we could do another data point post in which we shared the ages at which our kids cut teeth, along with anything unusual about how they did it. I'll start:

Child #1 cut his first tooth at 6 months, which was rewardingly average. He was a rough teether, though, with almost every symptom possible (drool, drool stool, drool cough, rash around mouth, rash around butt, acidic poop, waking at night, random pains that made him yelp, refusing to nursing, and "general peevishness" as the bottle of Humphrey's #3 describes).

Child #2 slept 8 hours in a row at 2 weeks (I. Know.) and then started teething in earnest at 3 weeks and it all went to hell. He had every symptom his brother had, plus symptoms I think he invented on his own. When he was 6 weeks old I could see a tooth right under the surface, and then before it could cut through it sucked itself back up (!) and he didn't actually cut a tooth until he was older than 6 months. (That period of his life has faded in my memory.)

It may be worthwhile to note that both of them have all the teeth they're supposed to have now, and are excellent at chewing.

Now you tell us all your teething data points. And then I'll run a linear regression on the data points and tell you all what the expected value and ANOVA are (that's a little business school humor, special from me to you).