The reveal

FInally. If you follow the co-parenting blog, you know my ex-husband and I were negotiating something tough. We signed an agreement today, so now I can finally talk about it: We're moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the end of the month!

I'm keeping my job at the best educational video game company in the world and working remotely from my new home (No. More. Subway. Crazies.), and doing the Weekend Part-Time MBA program at the University of Michigan. We're 45 minutes north of my parents, so they'll be able to see the kids all the time, and we'll finally have the support system we've really really needed this whole time. I won't have to miss work trips anymore because we can't cover childcare. And my kids will get to know their grandparents.

I can afford a house, for less than I pay in rent here. And I won't have to walk up to the 4th floor, and I'll have a yard, and a dishwasher, and laundry machines in the same place I live.

The MBA program actualy started in May, so every other weekend I've been flying there for class on Friday and Saturday, and then flying back. And doing my job and the commute and everything else, and also my homework. The academics: Not easy. The people in my program: Fascinating. Scheduling it all: Making me nuts.

So you can see why there were days when I needed to post something here, but instead was just staring at the screen, half-drooling. When your emotional refuge is running TINV functions in Excel for Statistics class, something's got to give. And it finally did.

Now I just have to finish my homework, go to class, find a place to live for me and one for my ex-husband, sign the kids up for camp, pack all my stuff, drive it out to Michigan, and take final exams for this semester. Piece of cake, right?

What's up with you?