Primal Scream Wednesday: Back to School edition

(Short update: Lots of things, including one big thing, came out in the inspection, so I am no longer buying a house. But I did buy a car yesterday, the first car I've ever personally owned. So things are not as I expected but just fine. Assuming I pass all my exams for school. But anyway.)

Everyone's either in week 2 of school or about to start school or starting school in three weeks, so I thought today would be a good time for a school-related Primal Scream Wednesday. Possible topics include: difficulty of finding and cost of school supplies, bad room assignments, screwed up bus routes, our own fears, social anxiety (our kids' and our own), and exactly how involved we want to be with the PTA.

Of course, non-school-related primal screams are also welcome.

I currently have none, as last week was one long scream. So you start.