On Sunday the movers came and loaded all my stuff into a big 16-foot truck. Which sounds easier than it was, since I was in a fourth-floor walk-up, and I was still packing while they were there. Fortunately, @jen_talley flew out from Ann Arbor to help me do the truck drive, and she packed my whole kitchen and kept me as calm as possible.

We set out in the truck at about 5 pm, and started driving driving driving. Tried to stop in one town and the hotels were full. Tried to stop in another town and the hotels were full there. Called ahead to the Hampton Inn (fresh bed guarantee) in Clearfield, PA, and reserved a room and holy crap did those beds feel good. Also, the shower.

Finished the rest of the drive to Toledo yesterday, and a friend's teenagers unloaded the truck into a storage unit in Toledo, where my stuff will stay until the end of the month when I close on my house! The sellers accepted my offer. So I signed a bunch of mortgage documents today and we have the inspection tomorrow night and then I know for sure if we're moving in and can put up a blog with photos, because the house is pretty funny-looking right now.

The kids and I are at my parents' until the house closes. For the next few days, the kids' dad is also in my parents' house, which is weird but not awful, so we're all just trying to be nice to each other.