When my kids were little, Christmas was fun, but complicated, because I had little kids, and beacase I was trying to figure out how to celebrate both religious and secular aspects of the season and the holiday itself.

When I was going through my divorce, Christmas was painful and beautiful, emblem of my broken hopes and loneliness, but the sign that maybe things could eventually get better.

It was always improtant to me to create a happy but realistic Christmas season for my kids. And to be respectful of my friends who don't celebrate Christmas.

I'm not the only one who has conflicted feelings about Christmas and the contemporary extended Christmas season. Last year I started paying more attention to what other people were saying about their experiences, and realized we should have a place to talk about all of it--the stuff we love, the stuff that makes us heart-weary, the stuff that makes us feel excluded, the stuff that makes us feel loved.

So I started a site called Christmased: Santa, Baby Jesus, and everything yule, and put it up yesterday, which is 90 days out from Christmas. We have four posts up so far, with lots more to come:

Welcome to Christmased!

Holiday Hot Toy List

Crafters Unite

The elephant in the room

We also have a Twitter feed here:

If you have suggestions for topics you'd like to read or write about, please go leave them in the comments on the Welcome to Christmased post.

I hope it helps us all (even the non-Christmas celebrators) find peace at the end of the year.

Tomorrow: Back to Q&A.