Q&A: Rolling over but not being able to roll back

Andrea is wondering if there's anything to be done about her daughter, who is 4 months old and has started rolling onto her tummy, but can't roll back:

"she just lies there whining because she can't get back onto her back. but then when i flip her back, she just rolls back to her front again! i can't win."

Oh, yes. I remember this stage. And now, in hindsight, it makes me laugh. The babies stuck on their stomachs are the opposite for turtles flipped onto their backs.

I don't think there's anything to be done about it, honestly. If you do keep flipping them, it only prolongs the stage. And if you use a baby positioner to stop it, you're just delaying the problem, because babies all have to learn to roll back to front to back at some point. Honestly, the more frustrated a baby is now, the faster he or she will learn to roll back again.

Who else is going through this or remembers it? Or its sister stage: Being able to stand up but not being able to sit down again? Both hilarious to parents of older kids, but not so funny when you're the parent of the child in question. I think this is just another Wait-It-Out problem.