Sharon Silver's new online parenting class

This looks completely excellent from Sharon Silver, who you know I love:

Check out Proactive Parenting's NEW Online Parenting Skills Class that parents can do from home when they have time!

A child’s development, independence and power can surprise a parent or catch them off guard causing stress and reactions. Parents wonder how their parenting style will effect their child, or if their child will have high self-esteem and be able to resist peer pressure, or if he'll ever stay in bed, eat a decent meal, stop arguing and stop saying NO? Sound familiar?

Parents want parenting skills to help them do the best they can for their child! And now they can get those skills when they want them and how they want them!

The Proactive Parenting Online Skills Class not only gives parents 4 weeks of new parenting skills, it coaches them and gives them 4 handbooks with real world examples to refer to over the years.
Best of all, EVERY parent can attend!

Parents who Work, Stay at Home or Work at Home or want to listen to a recording when they have time! Those who want to share this with a spouse or caretaker and those who have time in the Morning or those who have time in the Evening, EVERY PARENT CAN ATTEND! Begins March 6th, check it out now!