Moxie Madness Round 1 Voting Part III

This weekend we only need to knock out two first-round matchups. Read the description of each problem in the pair, then vote for the one you think sucks more than the other. MY DESCRIPTIONS ARE ONLY FOR EFFECT, and you should vote on how bad YOU feel each problem is, not based on my description of it. Voting runs Friday midnight to Sunday midnight, EDT.

Today's matchups:

13. Nasty look from server while nursing in restaurant vs. 4-month sleep regression

14. Nursing strike vs. Asked to bring 15 dozen homemade cookies to preschool fundraiser


Nasty look from server while nursing in restaurant

You're in a restaurant with your baby and a friend. Your baby is hungry, so you nurse them, in that not-particularly-concerned-with-anyone-else-but-not-showing-anything-extra-on-purpose way you have, and continue the conversation with your friend. Then the server walks up to your booth and stares at your chest area, glaring, then turns and huffs away.


4-month sleep regression

So let's get this straight: The baby sleeps in two hour stretches for the first six weeks, then three-hours stretches, then by 12 weeks is sleeping for four blissful hours at a time, and then suddenly at 4 months goes back to waking up every two hours again?? Right when you've been back at work for a couple of weeks? What? How? What?


13. Which is worse? free polls 



Nursing strike

Your baby, who has been nursing for several months, suddenly refuses to nurse. Nothing you do can coax the baby back on. The baby also refuses pumped milk in a bottle or formula, and can't survive on cheerios and mashed peas. It's been two days. You're huge and in pain, and have never heard of a baby just stopping eating. 


Asked to bring 15 dozen homemade cookies to preschool fundraiser

Yes, that is what the email from the head of the PTO says: "15 dozen homemade cookies." Homemade. 15 dozen. 180 cookies. Homemade. In your copious spare time.


14. Which is worse? free polls 


On Monday (Sunday night at midnight EDT) we'll be voting on six match-ups again.