Moxie Madness Round 2 Voting Part IV

Final batch of match-ups for Round 2! Some truly difficult pairings today. Voting is open 9 am EDT Monday to 9 am EDT Tuesday.


Sears Division:

Your child is bitten by another child

You try really, really hard not to think there is something seriously wrong with the miserable little brat who bit your kid, but waves of aggressive hatred are pulsing through you as you try to comfort your hurt child.



The horror...


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Weissbluth Division:

Mother-in-law second-guesses you

The internal conflict of genuinely not caring what she thinks but knowing you need to keep the peace anyway and realizing that it truly is a competition no matter what it should be. And if you don't reinforce boundaries right now you lose your authority.



Your child is in constant, massive discomfort.


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Leach Division:

Food allergy

Never safe unless it's something you made yourself in your own kitchen, and not always even then.


Potty training

No, really, how many months is this going to take?


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Babywise Division:

Electricity goes out and you lose your frozen breast milk stash

Ounces and ounces of breastmilk, every drop a victory, all gone.



Pain and fever that makes you think you might not actually wake up.


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Woot! Done with Round 2, and on to the Sweet Sixteen, starting tomorrow at 9 am EDT.