Rehearsing for bad situations

This morning my friend and her daughter are going to court to testify against the child rapist who fondled my friend's daughter on the street. (In the comments yesterday Maria remarked that the guy looked creepy. My friend said she and her daughter had both noticed him a block away becuase he looked creepy! Instincts.)

Here's a tv news interview with my friend about it all. Worth a watch, IMO.

My friend and I talked yesterday about the whole incident. I posted the news piece on my FB page and she said she'd been thinking about the time I chased some guy out of the playground with my camera phone because the guy came in and started snapping pictures of kids in the playground.

That made us realize that she and I and our other playground friends had been rehearsing what to do if we saw someone we suspected of hurting kids. We talked about it and planned for it. So when it actually happened, she didn't hesitate because she'd rehearsed exactly what to do.

She also mentioned to me that she thinks her daughter didn't hesitate to tell her when the man touched her because they'd had conversations about appropriate touch and inappropriate touch. They'd been rehearsing what to do if it happened, so when it did, her daughter didn't hesitate to tell her.

I know I worry a lot as a parent (less now than I did when I had infants) but I've never felt bad about worrying, because my worry took the form of figuring out what I'd do if something bad happened. I have "escape plan" scenarios in my head for all kinds of situations, and my mind just goes there. I learned in a management class lasst semester that there's actually a term for rehearsing recovery scenarios: defensive pessimism. Being a defensive pessimist doesn't mean you're a true pessimist--it just means that you see the negative possibilities and make plans to avoid or recover from them.

Thoughts? Worry vs. being prepared? Rehearsal as part of defensive pessimism?