What do WAH parents do over summer break?

Emma writes:

"So I was thinking: Have you covered the topic of how best to deal with a grade-schooler during summer when you work from home? I'm facing this in 7 days and it occurs to me that people might already have great ideas."

That's a great question, Emma.

Last summer when I moved and was working from home, we were staying with my parents. So my mom basically had Camp Grandma for my kids all day while I worked. (Then she'd cook dinner. It was unbelievable, and made me really want a fulltime housekeeper.)

This summer, it's going to be some concoction of day camps and splitting time with the kids' dad and my mom. Which is workable, if confusing.

But what about those of you who don't have any other adults with somewhat flexible time over the summer? Can you enroll in day camps, or are those prohibitive? Do you have a temporary babysitter or parents' helper (like a high school student)? Something else?

Who has ideas for Emma?