Olympics Opening Ceremonies: Wow

I was in class Friday night and all day yesterday, so I'm just posting this now. The Opening Ceremonies were totally worth watching, but of course I have some comments:

1. Bob Costas is a disgrace. If he wasn't saying something horribly offensive he was saying something utterly inane, and vice versa. It was cringe-inducing, and frankly, we deserve better. NBC, I will announce the next Olympics Opening Ceremony for you. I won't compare any athletes to terrorists, mention brutal dictators, call a technical glitch a "controversy," or seem shocked that the rest of the world calls it football and we're the only ones who call it soccer. And I can pronounce the names of the countries. Tweet me and we'll figure out the logistics for Sochi, ok?

2. Uniforms for the Opening Ceremony. The US and Great Britain had some major problems, obviously. While watching the parade of nations I realized that the best ways to go are either with tracksuits since they're athletes (and, in theory, might need to run all the way around the track at any second) or dressy since it's a fancy event (and someone might hand them a martini at any second). That makes the uniform winners Canada and Ireland for the Tracksuit Division, and Nigeria and San Marino for the Dressy Division. Special mention, Elaborate Embroidery Division: Jordan and Mexico.

3. Independent Olympic Athletes. Yes.

4. That big wacky spectacle before the parade of nations. So in the nightclub scene, she dropped her phone, and he found it, and then...called her with her own phone. What did he call, if she didn't have her phone? How did she answer? It made no sense and I was really confused. Her hair was fantastic, though.

5. British people, were there a lot of in-jokes during the Opening Ceremonies that you all got? Because the whole thing kind of baffled me.

6. Me: "All these people are volunteers?"
My friend Sarah who was watching with me: "Yes! 10,000 of them! I can't believe they're so talented."
Me: "They're probably out-of-work actors."
Sarah: "10,000 out-of-work actors?"
Me: "There are that many just in the subway in New York at any given time. Why not London?"
Sarah: "You haven't even been drinking..."

7. Meredith Viera, I do not think "money shot" means what you think it means.