How Do You Deal With Missing Your Kids?

(I still have to take my last final and finish my paper.)

This is a question that only applies to those of us who share kids with another parent we don't live with, but I bet everyone can help us out. Now seems to be the time of year when our kids are on vacation without us. (Mine are with their dad for three weeks. I'm 8 days in.)

In the past, I haven't even noticed they were gone for the first three days, because they're with their day three days a week anyway, so nothing felt different. Then in days 4-6 I started to feel weird. And then it got really hard because I just missed them so much. Calling and Skyping and texting and emailing only does so much.

I'm not quite as nuts this year, I think because I've been so busy and stressed about school, and now I'm in New York. And also because they can initiate contact better now, so it's not just me reaching out to them.

But I'm wondering how others of you deal with not having your kids for longer than usual.

(And I'm thinking about what it's going to be like when they leave my house for good. Help. Seriously.)

I think of myself as a decently busy person. So it's not like I'm just sitting around wishing they were with me. But it just feels like something's missing without them.

Thoughts? Commiseration? Shut up and deal? Thoughts from the other side?