Free pass

Yesterday Facebook offered me the chance to do a promo coupon for the AskMoxie Facebook site. I was allowed (for free, this first time) to offer a discount or offer and people could click through to redeem it. I decided to try it out, so I put up the following offer:

"Free pass. One free pass for anything you could have done better today with your kids."

13 people clicked through to "redeem" it. But holy cats! The private conversations I had from people thanking me for that offer.

So here's the offer for you from me here, not on FB. You don't have to click through, and it doesn't expire:

You get a pass when you do something you could have done better. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. You're a good parent, and you do a good job, and when you make a misstep it's just a misstep. Even a whole week of bad days is a week of bad days. You're smart and loving, and you'll figure out how to get into a better pattern.

Your kids are lucky to have you.


If you have anything to say (a confession, or lament), or want to offer anything to anyone else, post it here.