What little sacrifice are you making today?

1. The Free Pass is still in effect today if you need it. Pass it on to someone else if you think they need it.

2. My friend Meggin McIntosh is hosting a free teleseminar called "Peace of Mind for the Caregiver" next Monday. It will be recorded so you can listen later if you can't call in live. In light of last Friday's talk about Alzheimer's, I thought some of us could use some peace of mind.

3. Today is 90 days out from Christmas, so my Christmased.com website starts up again today. Today's question is about what gift you'd want this year if you could have anything. (Not so easy to think about what YOU want, is it?)

4. Peaceful and reflective Yom Kippur to all who observe it.


I can't go to soccer tonight because of scheduling problems, and I'm sad about it. I've gotten just decent enough to know what I can't do yet and to try to get better every time I go out on the field. I'm missing tonight specifically to take care of my kids and keep their activities on track. This would have been a bigger deal a few years ago. It feels like less of a big deal now, so I'm noticing it to see how I feel about balance of priorities, obligations, putting on my oxygen mask first, and all of that.

What are you giving up for your children today, big or small? How do you feel about it? Does it feel like a static sacrifice, or something that won't change?