Let's talk Halloween

Things in the top of my mind right now:

1. The VP debate in the US tonight. This could be awesome or torturous or both.

2. The Alzheimer's storyline on "Days of Our Lives" right now with Caroline is breaking my heart.

3. I wrote a sponsored post about my grandfather for Werther's Originals, and now I can't stop eating Werther's Originals today.

4. I got a bunch of questions on the exact same topic, and I can't think of a good answer, so I'm stuck on that post. I hope it works itself out so I can put it up tomorrow.

5. Child #1's sprained ankle/foot is much better, but he's in that stage in which it's equally fatiguing to use the crutch or to not use the crutch.

Let's discuss:

Halloween costumes and rules for candy. Specifically these issues, but any others you'd like to bring up:

  • How old is too old to go trick-or-treating?
  • Does it make it ok if "too-old" kids are wearing actual costumes?
  • How do you decide what candy to give out? (Do you even give out candy?)
  • When do you buy your candy?
  • Do you have rules for how much/when your kids can eat candy?
  • Who chooses your kids' costumes?
  • What's the tradeoff between making and buying costumes?
  • Can your kids wear costumes to school, and is that good or bad?


I'll start: I'm feeling like my older one's in an in-between stage, and it's fine for him to trick-or-treat but he has to wear a real costume so people giving out candy don't resent him. I buy whatever hits my fancy when I'm at the candy display, and have learned my lesson on buying ahead so I'll buy on Halloween day. My rules are that once a kid eats a real meal the child can eat as much candy as they want to right then. And I only make if there isn't an easy one to buy out there. (Who remembers when I had to buy a new sewing machine to make a Kermit costume with no pattern for my younger one last year and I couldn't find affordable green long johns anywhere? And the headpiece came out so wrong I couldn't even find an entry point to start to fix it? I was tempted to make a rule that people could only be Power Rangers from now on...)

Now you. Halloween, go!