Sometimes you bite the nap, and sometimes the nap bites you

As promised, two jokes from my children:

From the 7-year-old: Q: What did one fart say to the other fart? A: [Fart noise.]

From the 10-year-old: Q: What did one cheesemonger say to the other cheesemonger? A: Who cut the cheese??

(They sleep all the way through the night. There's that.)

Now: Naps, naps, naps. It seems that all the children of the world are freaking out about naps in the last few weeks. Changing their times, condensing from two to one, dropping them entirely, having problems falling asleep for them.

I think it's the change of seasons, mostly.

And I don't have a blanket (ha!) answer.

If you're in a sleep regression time (4 months, 9 months, 13 months, 18 months, 24-27 months), nap issues are likely symptomatic of that sleep regression (especially if your kid's nighttime sleep is relatively unchanged) and if you can hang on you'll probably get a good nap routine back after the regression is over.

If you're not in a sleep regression time, is there anything else going on? Teething? Learning to crawl/sit/stand/walk/run? All these things can seriously affect sleep, including naps.

If it's not any of the above, then your number just may be up, and this is the new normal. I'm sorry.

Say something about naps.