There's a lot going on

1. Stay safe, people. For anyone who wants to watch Sandy to see what's going on and who's affected right now, the Weather Underground site is great. Also search #sandy on Twitter for posts from all over.

2. Time change: It's this Saturday night in the US and Canada. (I apologize, UK--I thought you switched the same weekend we do here.) We're falling back, so that means 8 pm yesterday will be 7 pm next Sunday. If you want to transition your kids over this week, move bedtime 10 minutes ahead every day. So if normal bedtime is 8 pm, tonight put your child to bed at 8:10, Tuesday at 8:20, Wednesday at 8:30, etc. On Saturday you'll put your kid to bed at 9, which the next night will be 8 again. (It's like an Escher drawing, isn't it?)

3. Halloween. I wrote a jokey post about what not to hand out instead of candy (the last one's my favorite because my dad actually did it). But seriously, watch yourself. Sugar lowers your immune system, and you can feel all hungover and crappy from too much candy at one time, so pace yourself, especially if you have a kid in a sleep regression. Lack of sleep plus candy rebound hangover will make you feel like Sid Vicious. And drink a lot of water.

4.Candletime starts Thursday, November 1 and runs through Wednesday, November 21. Remember, to celebrate, just light a candle or five or six when you come home in the evening and it's dark out, enjoy the flames, and have a calming beverage of your choice. The whole point of the holiday is to be festive and cozy as the weather gets colder without having any ideological overlay or obligations.

5. Ask Moxie Meetup: I'll sort through everything posted on this post and do some kind of roundup of locations on Thursday.