BlackSmallCyberSale for everyone

I've decided to celebrate Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday by running specials on workshops. Here are all my sales on workshops: special bonuses for the What's Next Workshop and coaching, and 20% off workshops coming up in 2013. Everything's listed here and runs until Monday night (Tuesday at 3 am so the West Coasters can play until midnight.)

ALSO, I think we should all be supporting each other and other small businesses and online stores, so if you sell something online, post it in the comments here. Remember the http:// and it should turns your link into a clickable link. Include a little description of what you sell so people get interested in clicking through. And if you wanted to give us a discount that works Friday through Monday that would be great, too, but not necessary.

Who should post a link? Anyone who owns a small business. Whether it's a handcraft online store, brick-and-mortar store with an online storefront, your direct sales link, service business, whatever. Anywhere in the world (but if you can't ship internationally, be sure to note that.) As long as there's an actual human being who runs the business, and you aren't forcing anyone to come in and work at 5 am on Friday, please post here so others can see the cool stuff you have to offer.