Peace #1: If you would like to do something to increase gun control in the United States, please read this post from Moms Rising (thanks for the tip from Holly): Demand the NRA and Congress Stop Blocking Commonsense Regulations That Protect Us All

Also, call your Senators and Representatives along with State Senators and Reps and Governor (that's 6 calls) every day to ask for gun control.

I just called Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to beg him to veto MI Senate Bill 59, which allows concealed weapons in daycares, schools, and churches. Daycares. I called him at 517-373-3400. You can email him at

I you are going to try to argue that there's no need for gun control, don't. What Elana Pate thinks is a good summary of why anti-gun control arguments don't hold water: Please take your arguments someplace else and have respect for those of us who are grieving these kids and educators, and trying to make our communities safe.

Peace #2: Randi Buckley, who has her head wrapped around some ways of honoring yourself when you're feeling fragile, is offering a teleseminar this Thursday night called "Healthy Boundaries for Kind People." It's 90 minutes long, it's only $20, and it can give you some ideas for dealing with the rest of this holiday season if you get told you're "too nice" a lot and are feeling like you're being overwhelmed. Recording sent if you can't make it live. Full info here.

While I am absolutely not too nice, I signed up for it to learn some new strategies and maybe how not to hurt my friends who actually are too nice.