1/40: Mani-pedi

Back when I lived in NYC I'd go get a mani-pedi once a month, at least. It's so cheap there, $20-25 for both together if you go on a Monday through Wednesday to your local corner shop. It was a way to still feel pretty, even when I wasn't, and still feel like I could treat myself, even when I really couldn't.

I can't ever keep my nails nice. If they're not painted I bite them, and if they are painted they chip. So I tried the Shellac a couple of times and liked it, but then I moved here to Michigan and getting my nails done is way more expensive. So I rarely do it here, although I do try to give my toenails and fingernails a swipe of color at home sometimes.

So my going to get a mani-pedi last night was like visiting an old friend, even though it was a nail shop I hadn't been to before. I'm going to the beach with my best friends from college for four days--no kids, no significant others--so I decided to get Shellac on my fingernails (otherwise they'd be chipped before I even got to the plane). Here's what happened:

40 1

My fingernails are Shellac Midnight Swim. I'm a fan of navy on my nails, but this is a dark midnight blue with a bit of sparkle. My toenails are OPI Senorita Rose-alita, which is a pink with gold in it. Yes, my hands and feet are that pale.

It felt good. And now my nails are pretty again!