7-11/40: Some fun things are easier than others

Flowers 7/40: On Wednesday, I bought myself flowers, which I almost forgot to do, but then went back into the store to buy. I got these tulips, because I love tulips, but then when I got home I realized I don't own a vase anymore. I used my largest drinking glass.

8/40: I took a bath, but did't really feel like I had time (too much reading for school and I didn't want to get my case studies wet) so I cut it short. It was nice, but a little perfunctory. Maybe I'll take more baths after I graduate.

9/40: Had lunch with my best friend from school, at school, because we were both there for a conference she'd helped organize. That was more fun than the flowers or the bath.

10/40: Wiped out on this one. I had school from 9-5:10, and we had a team lunch that we worked through, so I didn't end up drinking.

11/40: I spent some time in my pjs watching FA Cup soccer, but then got to have breakfast with a friend who came into town at the last minute, so that was worth getting out of pjs for.

Here's what I'm figuring out: Scheduled fun starts to feel obligatory. I prefer to do things on the fly when the opportunity presents itself. Also, I need to get a vase.