Data points on labor and delivery

You people know how to have fun! I'm going to sort through all the suggestions and pick 40 and make a list so you can all play along. There won't be any involving heights, as I'm terrified of them, so the hot air balloon ride is out. And some of these things I do all the time anyway, which has made me consider how much more fun my life is now than it was three years ago. So thank you for helping me get a little perspective.

Today can we give data points on labor and delivery? I feel like so many women get so many horror stories, and it would be nice to have some real, neutral info out there.(If your birth actually was a horror story, feel free to share. The goal here is a wide range of experiences, not whitewashing in either direction.)

I'll start:

#1: Normal pregnancy, midwives knew the baby was big so didn't want me to go too far past 40 weeks so I didn't end up in the hospital (I was using a freestanding birth center). They told me to drink an enormous amount of castor oil at 40w 3d so I did, and the predictable happened and I went into a weak, annoying labor. Many many hours later I went to the birth center, in the tub, out of the tub, break my water, vomit, start pushing and the cord was getting trappedd every time I pushed so they transferred me to the hospital. Got to the hospital, pushed for an hour. They finally got an IV in me (deep rolling veins) after 55 minutes of pushing. Two small tears. 9 pound 8 ounce baby. Born at 40w 5 d. Total labor time: 36 hours. Total pushing time: One hour. No meds. Went home 13 hours later. Milk came in over the course of a few hours on day 2 or 3.

#2: The birth center had closed and I was unhappy with my hospital options, so I decided to have the baby at home. Had wacky non-contractions from about 38 weeks on. At 40w 3d I walked two miles rapidly and labor started that afternoon. From 5 pm Sunday night to 10 am Tuesday I had one intense contraction every 15 minutes. Pain coping technique: cursing. At 11 am I couldn't take it (ha ha, transition) and asked the midwife for help and she told me to take a Benedryl so I could sleep. The second I swallowed the Benedryl my labor switched and I started having contractions every 3 minutes. About 45 minutes later my body jsut went whoosh and my water broke. 5 minutes later my body pushed twice and his head came out. Then my body pushed again and the rest of him came out. No tears. 8 pound 8 ounce baby. Born at 40w 5d. Total labor time: 43 hours. Total pushing time: Under 10 minutes. No meds. At home already so while they were weighing him I drank a gallon of Fierce Grape Gatorade. Milk came in within 12 hours.

(I have a theory that second labors after vaginal deliveries of the first either end up being the same labor as the first compacted into fewer hours, or some long pokey minor contractions until the last minute and then a super-fast delivery. Thoughts?)

Your turn!