Which sleep regression is worse?

Question 1: My older son made a wooly mammoth out off red clay (the kind that dries out but doesn't have to be fired) for school. One of the tusks just fell off. What can I glue it back on with? Krazy Glue? Elmer's glue? The mammoth is dry, so we can't just reform it and re-attach.

People with infants and toddlers: Does the question above seem like the kind of issue you wish you were having instead of sleep problems and food problems and tantrums? Then hang on, because in a few years those will be your problems. It's a self-solving problem.

Question 2: Speaking of sleep, how about those sleep regressions?

Which, in your opinion, was the worst for you:

4 months

9 months

13 months

18 months (also known as 16-21 months for some people)

24-27 months

3-year-olds refusing to go to sleep in the first place


I'm going with 9 months for my first child. For 4 months he had only slept a couple of 4-hour stretches anyway by then so I didn't really notice. His 9-month regression went on and on and by 10 months I was so demoralized I really didn't know how I was going to make it much further, and was so sad about what a crap mother I was turning out to be. The 13 month regression hardly happened, and then I was mad about the 18-month regression. But that 9-month regression just about killed me.

With my second it was the 3-year-old shenanigans that made things worse. I was alone by that point and just could not get that kid to go to sleep at night for love or money, and I imagined it could continue for years because of his personality.


What's your vote for Worst Sleep Regression ever?