With a whimper or a bang?

Reminder to Ann Arbor people that we're meeting at Fraser's Pub on Packard at 6 tonight (Thursday) to work on the 2013 Incredible Year Workbook. Bring your copy and pens. I'll bring my three hole punch.

Anyone else interested in talking about the process with other Ask Moxie readers, I started a FB closed group to talk about the process of doing the workbook and planner.

Now: waah! It feels like this holiday season was difficult for a lot of people. More difficult than usual. And like re-entry is difficult, too. Almost a collective groan as we have to start turning the gears again and get our kids back in gear, too.

It's not helping that everyone and their kids has been or is sick. Flus, colds, sore throats, general malaise. Some of you have had something for two weeks, gotten over it and gotten something else for two weeks, and then another thing.

This is starting to feel a little like Groundhog Day. (The movie, not February 2.)


Name it and get it out here in the comments. Once it's down here you can shake it off and move on.