Groundhog Day

I'm not doing so well on all my 40 Fun Things. Last Monday the kids had a snow day, so I didn't get to go see a movie but I did hang out all day with them. And then on Tuesday we went into Detroit to the DIA. Wednesday and Thursday I had so much to do I didn't even get a chance to stop and think about fun, let alone have any.

But on Friday I did get in the car and drive to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to meet my friend John and two of his friends. We ate at Mary's Place in Punxsutawney (I ate way too much lasagna), then went to our hotel and went to sleep. The next morning my alarm went off at 4 am ("Rise and shine, campers!"), stuffed myself into a bunch of layers, and we met in the lobby at 4:15. We were in line for the shuttle bus up to Gobbler's Knob at 5:15 and got to the scene of the groundhog by 6. It was 1 degree F (-17 degrees C) but there were thousands of people there (they estimated 30,000) dancing to a live fiddler and guitar player. Then some people came up and danced to "Groundhog Style" (the obligatory "Gangnam Style" parody: "Heeyyyy, Punxsutawney!"), and songs from "The Blues Brothers." There were fireworks at 6:30, to the Star Wars soundtrack. More music and dancing, and someone came and showed everyone how to perform CPR, and then it was time (7:25 am) to pull Phil the Groundhog out of his stump. If he saw his shadow, we'd have six more weeks of winter. If he didn't see his shadow, we'd spring would begin immediately. It was cloudy, so he didn't see his shadow, but it still only went up to 16 degrees F by the end of the day.

Groundhog Day was fantastic, though (later we had groundhog-shaped pancakes!). And it was one of my goals for 2013. I've wanted to go for 20 years, and finally did it! Hooray for goals!

One of the other sections of the Incredible Year Workbook is listing people you want to spend time with this year. The first name I put down was my internet friend Deesha Philyaw from the website She and I have been online friends since she was so kind to me when my ex and I started our co-parenting blog, and I've wanted to meet her but never thought about making it happen. As soon as I put her name down on my list, though, the details for Punxsutawney were finalized and I realized I was going to be very close to her on my way home. So we met, and she made me a delicious lunch, and her daughter entertained me with stories of parasailing. I'm so glad I put her name on the list, because I'm not sure I'd have thought about actually making it happen if I hadn't.

And then I drove to my parents' house in the driving snow, because my parents had kindly agreed to have my kids over for a sleepover so I could go to Punxsutawney (their dad was at the Dad 2.0 conference). The trip was uneventful (except for when I dropped my keys in the disgusting black slush at a rest stop) and my boys weere happy to see me and to get their groundhog-shaped chocolate bars.

So that was definitely enough fun for the week.