Clip show today:

1. If any of you were as disheartened as I was by the mean-spirited "Dear Mom on the iPhone" post that went around (that I won't link to because it makes me so upset), I hope this really lovely piece "Dear Mom on the iPhone, I Get It" by Fried Okra restores your faith in humanity like it did for me. 

2. I posed a piece on the HuffPo Divorce site yesterday about starting running as a way to show your body that you love it. Don't judge my playlist--I just turned 40.

3. If you are wondering if I'm ever going to shut up about exercising, well, no, I am not. This piece shows why: "Fit at 102" The money shot here: "Many people don’t realize that problems they associate with old age actually are caused by poor fitness, experts say..." I'm not going down without a fight, and this man in the story is an inspiration (he started working out at age 98).

4. By now you've probably heard that Google Reader is being shut down in a few months. Here's a list of alternatives.

5. Remember my friend who took a picture of the guy who touched her daughter and showed it to the police, who then hauled the guy in and he turned out to be a child rapist out on parole? The case went to court, and my friend and her daughter testified, and the jury came back with a guilty verdict, so this miserable slime who raped his own daughters is now going back to prison. I am so proud of my friend and of her daughter. And so thankful for a sensible and good jury.

6. My 7-year-old told me this morning he'd like to change his name to Turbo.

What's new with you?