House Hunters Drinking Game

I made this game up in 2011. Feel free to add to it in the comments.

Drink once every time:

  • Someone mentions granite countertops, crown molding, or hardwood flooors.
  • Anyone uses the phrase "great for entertaining."
  • The buyers complain about a paint color, light fixtures, or cabinets.
  • The buyers complain about landscaping or lack of fencing or a deck.
  • There was nothing wrong with their current home.

Drink twice every time:

  • The buyers scorn anything under 3,000 square feet.
  • The realtor shows them something above their price range.
  • In the interview shot, the realtor says the buyers are unrealistic.
  • One of the buyers disregards the other's concerns about commute or some other quality-of-life issue.
  • The husband is obsessed with having a "man cave."

Do a shot or drink three times when:

  • Someone makes the joke that the wife gets the bedroom closet and the husband gets the coat closet.
  • The buyers end up buying the house out of their price range.
  • The buyers make some glaring cultural faux pas (for House Hunters International)
  • The buyers pay more for a vacation house that you spent on the house you live in.
  • They buy a house based on something they want for a pet or inanimate object (like a piano).