Toddler waking early for an odd reason

Bayley writes:

"My son will turn 2 in two weeks. He’s recently (since we weaned at 21 months) started sleeping all night in his crib, which is, obviously, fantastic. However, over the past month he’s woken up early nearly every single day with a big problem: he has to poop. Between 5:00 and 5:30 AM, he wakes up in his crib and yells for me to get him. I take him to the bathroom and he poops, and then he’s awake for the day. The problem—besides the obvious I’m-being-awakened-at-the-asscrack-of-dawn-for-poop—is that he needs more sleep than he’s getting. He goes to bed at 8PM. He naps about 2 hours in the afternoon. That doesn’t add up to enough sleep for him. I know this because, before this pooping problem started, he would sleep from 8PM to 6:30 or 7AM.

How can I shift his poop schedule? I have tried moving dinner-time later with no success. I also cut out fruit after midday, again with no success. We need some suggestions. I’m pregnant again, and waking up in the dark day after day is starting to wear on me."

Gah! Things no one ever tells you could happen, for real.

You've already done the first couple of things I'd have suggested. I'm wondering if you could give him either prune juice or a warm beverage (like fruit "tea" like Red Zinger) later in the morning to see if that could get his bowels on a later schedule.

I do think this is eventually going to shift to a later schedule anyway even if you do nothing, but in the meantime you're too tired and he's too tired, too.

Has anyone been through ill-timed pooping with a toddler? Did you do anything that shifted the schedule?