Weaning a two-year-old from tandem nursing

Sally emailed me that she's tandem nursing her two-week old and her two-year old, and it's kind of sucking out her chi:

"I'm exhausted and overwhelmed. Do you know anything about tandem nursing? Any thoughts on how to wean a two year old in such a way that he doesn't feel out of the loop?"

I do not, as my older one was almost three when he weaned himself while I was pregnant with his brother, so I lucked out. I think it would have been tougher with a two-year-old, because they're not as ready to be Big Kids as 3-year-olds are. So there's going to have to be an incentive that a 2-year-old can connect to, or else something huge to distract him.

Someone out there has to have done this and can give Sally some advice. Thoughts?