Who else has had enough of April Fools Day? Here are some great, REAL things I found last week that I thought you would enjoy:

1. The site Beyond Baby Mamas, about the experiences of single mothers of color. White single mothers are sometimes allowed to speak for ourselves, but single moms of color rarely are. Writer Stacia L. Brown started the site, which cuts through all the assumptions and proliferates nuanced discussion about the varied realities single moms of color are living. Including debunking the myth that there's something less than about single moms, and the "getting married fixes everything" myth that so many people have bought into. Check the post "14 Lies SIngle Mothers Hear About Marriage" for a skilled takedown of that. Very worth it for all single moms to read, even and especially if you're a white single mom like me. (Hang together or we all hang separately.) Great site for allies to read, too. Follow Beyond Baby Mamas and Stacia L. Brown on Twitter.

2. For any of you struggling with infertility, PCOS, and then breastfeeding problems stemming from those problems, City Girl Tales has been a source of comfort and information, from when she first started writing about dealing with her uterus through the birth of her second child. She just posted her last post, and is leaving the site up as a beacon for anyone else dealing with unicornate uterus or any of the other things she's been through.

3. This site about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as 30-somethings really made me laugh.

4. Just checking in about spring allergies. Last year my older son and I tried taking local bee pollen (chewing a few grains a few times a day) for our allergies. The first couple of days the allergies got worse, but by day 5 mine were gone. His were mostly gone by day 6 (but then he forgot to take some with him when he went on vacation for three weeks with his dad and they came back, so he had to start the cycle again.) They came back for me if I skipped the bee pollen for more than a day, but it was totally worth crunching the gross pollen (it tastes like honey-covered crunchy dirt) to get rid of the allergy symptoms. I am not promising that bee pollen will work for you, but it's not that expensive and is easy to use, so it might be worth trying if you're not happy with your allergy meds. I'd look at a farmers market for a local beekeeper for pollen, or a food co-op or Whole Foods-type store.

In other news,if anyone can find my motivation to push through and finish the six remaining assignments I have to finish before I graduate, send it to me, please. Alternately, who wants to write three papers for me and take an exam?