Helping Anon and lawyer rec in Denver and

The randomness:

1. Julia from Mom Meet Mom created an Indiegogo link for all of us who want to help Anon who has the daughter with grieving issues about her father and the toddler twins. The funds are going to go to childcare so Anon can find a job and get back up on her feet again, and get some help for her daughter. Here's the link to Anon's help fund. I'll report in updates from Julia as I get them.

2. A reader needs a rec for a good collaborative divorce lawyer in Denver.

3. Writing Through Your Divorce is starting Monday, so get in now if you've been considering it. (If you don't like writing, I'll be running another round of Flourish Through Divorce--which is thinking-heavy but not much writing--in August. But if writing is your thing, or if you're attracted to the idea of writing but afraid to do it, Writing Through Your Divorce is for you.)

4. I am house-sitting at my parents' house this month and am feeling a little dislocated in space, but not really in a bad way. Thoughts about dislocation? As challenge, and as opportunity?