Mood change after finally getting sleep: A thing?

Over the weekend, Neil posted that after weeks (ok, probably years) of sleep deprivation from his kids he'd finally gotten a good night's sleep, and had woken up depressed.

I thought, "Wait, that happens to me, too." Whenever I have sleep problems (waking up with kids or insomnia) for awhile, the first morning after I've gotten a decent stretch of sleep I feel very very low and depressed. (Notjust  cranky or still-sleepy, but actually depressed.)

I asked on Twitter if this was a thing, and got a dozen replies that it happened to other people, too.

Give me your data points, please. Does this happen to you? If so, have you found a way to make it better (other than just struggling through the depression and trying to sleep enough the next night)? Any sciencey people know why this happens? Is this a known thing no one told us about?