Review: Above All Movers and my last two insane weeks

On June 15 I got in the car with the kids and drove to Minnesota. I dropped them at camp that Monday, went back down to the Twin Cities and stayed with family and friends, then on Saturday the 22nd drove up to get the kids and then drove straight home (1100+ miles in one day).

The next day, I gave the kids to their dad and drove to Toronto to attend the "Communicating Motherhood" conference. I presented the next morning ("Beyond the Good Mother/Bad Mother Dichotomy: Bridging the Reality of the Relationship and Jobs of Motherhood Using Economic Theory"), and drove back from the conference on Wednesday night.

On Thursday the kids and I packed up my whole house. I was renting and my lease was up June 30. Through a series of miscalculations and being too choosy about which neighborhood I want to live in (mostly to stay close to my kids' dad so they can go back and forth easily), I have no new place to move into right now. So I hired movers to come put my stuff in storage last Friday. The cats and I are currently house-sitting for my parents, who are out of town for the summer. (My kids are on a big family trip with their dad.) I'm looking for a new place to live up here to move into in August.

This was all a little stressful.

But the moving part was fantastic. I wanted to make sure I put a review of my movers, Above All Movers based in Ann Arbor, MI. JT the owner is fantastic--just the kind of straight-up, straightforward guy who does what he says he's going to do with good humor, and can fix whatever problems come up. It was pretty much like being moved by your favorite brother-in-law. He and his crew member Ben were fast but careful, in really good moods the entire time, great with my cats, and did not judge the random stuff in boxes (I'm pretty sure my 8-year-old packed an entire box of uncapped markers). Ben and I got to play Toledo Geography because he has family there, and JT and I talked about our kids, and the whole thing was just really fast and really easy and really stress-free for me.

When I need to move my stuff out of the storage space to my new (hypothetical) place I'll call them back, and I've already recommended them to a friend here who's moving next month. And I wanted to leave a little trail of goodwill for them on the internet since they were so great to me. A little SEO to help people find the breadcrumbs: 734-369-2594 above all movers moving michigan movers mi ann arbor ypsilanti jt mover james thomas movers.

What's been happening with you?