Primal Scream Friday

Yelling too much and want to stop (or at least cut down)? I revised my popular Release The Yelling course into a self-paced workbook and it's up and available now. $12. All the details and the button to buy it are here.

The newest MoxieTopic is also up! Called "Parenting With Another Person" it talks about what can happen when the parenting gets lopsided so one parent is in charge of all the kid-related stuff and the other parent isn't. Once it lays out the problem, it then tells you how to either avoid that problem or get back on a better track to share parenting in a way that feels equitable and keeps everyone in relationships and roles they're happy having. $5. (This went out automatically last week for free to subscribers of All MoxieTopics.)

Heads up that I'll be releasing a workbook about how to make the Christmas season work for you and your family no matter what you want out of it and what your feelings about the meaning of the day are. My hope for this workbook is that it will take the stress, disappointment, and sadness out of the season for us by letting us focus on what's important to us. It'll be out November 1, and I'm doing a version for people with kids and people who are childfree. If your community or religious organization is interested in doing an easy fundraiser that will help their members through the super-fraught holiday season, watch for the details about the fundraising program I'll put out when I release the workbook.

Now. You see that I have written nothing all week here. I am busy. And stressed. I'm attempting to put a positive spin on my issues, but would like to invite you to do a Primal Scream Friday. Topic of your choice. No scream too big or small.