Time change coming for US and Canada

If you're in the US or Canada, the time changes from Daylight Savings Time back to Standard Time on November 3rd in the middle of the night. This is next Sunday. We are falling back so the current 6 pm will be the new 5 pm. Here's the plan if you want to be proactive:

Starting Monday (today) OR Tuesday (tomorrow) night, put your kids to bed 10 minutes later each night. So if you start Monday, if they normally go to bed at 8:00, put them to bed at 8:10. Then the next night at 8:20, then 8:30, etc.

If you start Monday, on Saturday night you'll put them to bed at 9:00, and then the next day that 9:00 will have become 8:00 and you'll be back on schedule. If you start Tuesday, on Saturday night you'll put them to bed at 8:50 and then on Sunday put them to bed at 8:00.

Remember that the worst day is not the Sunday of the change or even Monday, it's Tuesday. So be prepared. Build in some naps for yourself if you can. The kids will have problems staying away at night for the first week or two. You'll have problems with the kids waking up too early for the first week or two.

We can all do this.

Also, heads up that Candletime starts this coming Friday!

2013 is the fifth year of Candletime, the holiday I made up in 2009 to stop Christmas from pushing back to Halloween. Candletime runs from November 1 through the day before American Thanksgiving (November 27th this year). To celebrate, when you come home at night, light some candles (or use electric candles) and sit enjoying the sparkly light while drinking a beverage of your choice. Popular beverage choices include tea, hot cider, cold cider, water, wine, beer, hot cocoa, coffee, soda, and bourbon. Candletime can be celebrated alone or with others, and you can observe as many days of the holiday period as you choose.

(Since the last day of Candletime this year is also the first night of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, maybe we should do some big finale.)

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