Q&A: Do babies wear Halloween costumes?

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Hey, parenting! Aline writes:

Do people do Halloween costumes for babies? My LO is going to be 7 months at Halloween and I see all the cute bunting costumes but doesn't it seem a little silly? And I'm not going to take her trick or treating, since no houses will be handing out mashed sweet potatoes, I'm sure. Do I just wait until next year?

Back when my 11-year-old was 8 months old at his first Halloween, I sewed (yes) him this elaborate turkey costume.  Why a turkey? Because I knew it was probably the only year I'd be able to choose his costume without his input so I should make it good. It was fantastic, with a light brown body and wing and tail feathers made of felt that snapped on and off, and a headpiece with a waddle.

So if you ask me, yes, people dress their babies in costumes. But we were also in NYC at the time, so we just took him to the children's costume parade at Washington Square Park, and he got to parade around and show off his costume. I can't imagine that we would have taken him trick or treating at that age unless we were trying to get candies for ourselves.

But what do people do in parts of the country without Halloween parades? Do you take babies trick or treating? Do you dress them and just hang out? Or do you wait a year or two?  

I'm going to guess that this varies regionally, so if you give a data point could you also tell us where you are?