Minimalist Holidays email and dealing with unwanted houseguests

I love it when separate people's plans come together.

So you know I'm all excited about my Christmas workbook and the response it's getting from people who are finding it useful to redesign their whole approach to the holiday season. It's framework, and it's conceptual, and it'll change how you feel inside the holiday season, but it's not practical tips and hacks.

So think about how happy I was to get an email from Asha at ParentHacks and Minimalist Parent that they're running a whole "Minimalist Holidays" email series, starting Monday with PRACTICAL TIPS AND HACKS. I asked her "like what?" and she said

"Topics include:

- getting kids involved in Thanksgiving

- encouragement to delegate the work of the meal

- tips for reining in the gift list

- ideas for shortening the to-do list

- creative substitutions for the table when you don't have the "perfect" serving pieces


I'm totally in.

It's free; it's 12 total emails over the holiday season starting Monday; I signed up yesterday. You should sign up, too, here:

I love emails that give me less to do instead of more to do.


In other news,

an anonymous reader is wondering if anyone has any commiseration for being forced to host houseguests over the holidays when you really don't want to but absolutely can't say no without ripping something that can't be ripped.

This is the other side of the "being forced to visit and stay with people you don't want to stay with" conundrum.

I think it's essential that you and your partner (if you have one) be on the same page about it and be honest with each other about it. And also that you have some kind of escape valve to talk about it with. (This is why I'll be putting up vent posts on Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day so you can vent here anonymously if you don't have other places to vent safely.)

But I don't have anything to make it easier.