Kids and cooking/baking

The other night my 8-year-old cooked the meat for tacos for dinner, and when we called the 11-year-old to eat he got mad that I hadn't let him cook dinner. It was an excellent moment, but not unusual, as both my kids cook a lot. My 11-year-old is now at the point at which he can sequence an entire meal, so if he has the ingredients he can take care of the whole thing and just call us when the meal is ready.

I feel like I talk about it a lot (and post pictures of the stuff my kids make on Instagram constantly), but it's just because I love that we're at this point now. I don't have a lot of patience for cooking with kids, but I am good at explaining to them what to do and letting them do it on their own. And my mom bakes with them a lot, so they know how to read recipes and a lot of the science behind leavening and a lot of the classic baking ratios.

I knew that my kids would know how to cook, because I cook and I consider it an essential skill, but I didn't really think it would happen this soon, and that it would take so much of the burden of making family meals off me. It's been a delight for this reason, and well worth the extra dishes and that visit to the ER for a sliced finger.

I know others of you must have kids that cook and/or bake, too. How old are they? What do they make? Did/do you cook with them, or are you more hands off? What are their favorite things to make? Do they do entire meals yet? How old were you when you were actively cooking?

Bonus: Tell us your kids' favorite recipes. My 11-year-old's go-to cake recipe is the classic chocolate vinegar cake, and my 8-year-old scrambles some fluffy eggs (his secret is to add a little bit of water to the eggs while you're beating them before you pour them in the pan).