Divorce support and some reminders for this time of year

Deesha and I are thrilled to announce the release of our new Writing Through Your Divorce workbooks! If you're interested in processing your feelings about your divorce by writing through them, one of these workbooks is for you. (There's one for you if there was no infidelity in your marriage, one if your partner had an affair, and one if you had an a affair.) $15 each, downloadable as e-books. Buy one for yourself or give them as gifts to friends who need them.

On Sunday night I slipped on the ice and went down on my tailbone. When I woke up yesterday it felt really bruised, and all my muscles and soft tissue from my tailbone up to my neck were torqued and messed up. I'm feeling a lot better today (I took a lot of ibuprofen and fish oil yesterday to bring down the inflammation), but a bruised tailbone is no joke. Be careful out there!

This is a super-stressful week for almost all of us for a variety of reasons. Here are some reminders of things that you already know:

1. You are fantastic. Really. You're doing a great job under adverse conditions.

2. People over tasks. When there's a choice to be made, your life will be better if you snuggle someone instead of doing something. (At work, substitute "listen to someone's work-related problem" for "snuggle.")

3. I'm officially giving you permission to be in any kind of mood you want to be in. If that means being super-peppy, awesome. If that means that you're not even remotely "in the Christmas spirit," equally awesome. Don't street harass yourself by forcing yourself to smile if you don't feel like it.

4. Christmas is coming in 8 days, no matter what you do. Consider being kind to yourself as a gift to yourself and the world.

5. Drink a glass of water right now.

Who's got some stress right now?