August is Parenting Truths Month: You can do it

August is always a really cranky month on the internet, so I thought this year I'd just post one truth about parenting every day for the whole month. I'm choosing random things that I know are true (12 years into this gig).

You can do it

Yes, this should maybe be the finale of the month, but it's really the most important of all the true things about parenting. You can do it. Even when things get really tough. Even when you're so exhausted and wish you hadn't had your kids, or wish you could just hand them to someone else to be responsible for for a few days, or want to run away completely. Even when you're doing really well and are the parent you want to be and are worried that things are going to fall apart any minute. Even when you think you're going to break.

You can do it.

And you will do it. You'll keep waking up, and showing up, and being there for your kids. Even when you're not making all the right choices and being as focused and shiny as you want to be. Even when you think everything you touch turns to utter shit. Even when you're singing a lullaby with your mouth but your brain is somewhere else, back when you were still the old you. 

You will do it.

When your baby is six months, and three years, and nine years, and sixteen years. You will do it as the challenges change and become more high-stakes. You will do it as your children start to leave you while they still need you. You will do it forever, because you are you, and you are love.